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Driving Careers Forward

Metro IT has created an environment that attracts a broad network of highly qualified and diverse IT Professionals who possess extensive experience and leading edge skills. Metro IT utilizes stringent techniques that provide our clients access to a broad range of skill sets that are readily available to meet their requirements.

At Metro IT, we invite you to enjoy a long and successful career by maintaining a positive work/family balance. Metro IT offers a wide variety of options that provide you with great flexibility as well as consulting assignments with leading companies across the United States and the Caribbean Islands.


Extensive skills and experience review is conducted prior to each assignment to ensure the IT Professional will be productive starting day one. Only IT Professionals who meet these standards are engaged at Metro IT clients.

Range of Technical Disciplines

  • Web Development

  • Business Analysis

  • Database Design and Administration

  • Network Engineering and Administration

  • Project Management

  • Mainframe Programming

  • Software Development and Engineering

  • Systems Analysis

  • Help Desk and Technical Support

  • Technical Writing

  • Much More...


There's always an emphasis on planning for the future and developing a long-term career path. At Metro IT you get strong earning power that allows you to pick a benefits plan that fits your situation.

Metro IT offers an impressive range of benefits, including:

  • Flexible and generous compensation plans

  • Referral bonus plan

  • Incentive awards and programs

Current Openings

If you have questions about any of our current openings or would like to apply please submit your resume or contact us directly.

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Scrum Master

San Juan, PR

Metro IT is seeking Agile Scrum Masters on behalf of our clients. The ideal candidates are experienced consultants with the following capabilities/responsibilities:

  • Facilitate all Scrum events for the team including preparing, moderating and post processing

  • Hold effective retrospectives and track and monitor improvements; help the team to continuously improve their process

  • Support the Product Owner in their role in writing effective user stories, planning releases, and prioritizing value

  • Coordinate across teams as necessary at a SOS or program level

  • Remove team impediments

  • Help the team to keep focus (e.g. by acting as a buffer between external distractions and the team).

  • Help the team to maintain their Scrum tools (Story board, Action board, charts, backlogs, etc.).

  • Help the team and product owner to find suitable norms, definition of ready, and definition of done

  • Mediate team members through conflict; help the team to make decisions and foster self-organization

  • Reflect Agile and Scrum values to the team.

  • Foster continuous learning and challenge the team to improve; exchange methods and learnings across the organization and further the Agile community within it

  • Encourage the use of Agile Engineering Practices and Automated Testing within the development team

  • Champion and support the culture change to improve agility

  • Determine metrics as a catalyst for change and improvement

Agile Coach

San Juan, PR

Seeking experienced Agile Coaches to support our clients.  These contract positions offer the opportunity to work with a variety of Agile projects and learn from leaders in the Agile community.  We're seeking coaches who are able to stay current with up-and-coming industry trends, such as Kanban and advanced Scrum techniques.  The ideal candidates are experienced consultants with extensive business acumen and at least 7 years of experience working in an Agile environment at both the team and program level.  We are looking for someone with strong leadership and client relations experience, as well as excellent communication and presentation skills.

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T-SQL/Informatica Developer

San Juan, PR

Experienced in Informatica

Must have great communication skills

Must show that they are free thinkers and are willing to challenge if they have better solutions

Must be able to take away clear objectives when tasked to ensure a solid solution

Must be able to identify issues and work with the developer leads in creating solutions

Having knowledge in PL\SQL and SSIS are a plus

Having knowledge in the Healthcare industry is a plus

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